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A walk in and primary care clinic, the Southern Peigan Health Center strives to provide the highest standards of clinical excellence.
Southern Peigan Health Center
A walk in and primary care clinic that strives to meet all health care concerns, we devote our time and knowledge to offer the best health care plan to each and every individual.
Primary Care Clinic

Wellness Exams
Southern Peigan Health Center offers complete wellness exams to infant to elder. We also do physicals for headstart, sports, and employment. In the near future SPHC will also be able to offer DOT Physicals. 

Diabetic Care
Southern Peigan Health Center devotes their concern and care towards our Diabetic Patients overall health with a nutritionist, trainer, and a provider

Southern Peigan Health Center operates under the Blackfeet Tribe, our services are to meet all health concerns amongst the communities located within and around the Blackfeet Nation. The Clinical services include Primary Care, Wellness Exams, Foot Care, Diabetic Care, School Base Program, Womens Health, Pediactric Care. 

We accept all forms of health insurance even those without health insurance we offer assistance in completing Medicaid Application by submitting via online application. We also offer a Sliding Scale Fee that will arrange co-payments based on monthly income. 

Southern Peigan Health Center makes referrals with surrounding demographic clinics that offer services such as X-Rays, M.R.I. and CT Scans. 

Southern Peigan Health Center is located in the same proximity of the Southern Piegan Diabetese Center and offers a workout area along with an on-site trainer. Hours are from 6 to 8pm starting Oct. 2016. 


Health Insurance
Southern Peigan Health Center operates on 3rd Party Billing as well as accepts the following Health Insurance: Medicaid, Medicare, Private Health Insurance and we offer a Sliding Scale Fee if you have no insurance.
Southern Peigan Health Center strives to meet the highest standards of clinical excellence our health care services are to be cost effective and culturally based for the patients health care Journey.

Southern Peigan Health Center's Employee of the Month

My name is Michelle Brown and my expertise is in Nutrition with a strong focus on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, as well as Diabetes Prevention and an overall emphasis on the health and well-being of our community. My goal is to enable and encourage people of all ages to understand the relationship between food and health, and make the proper dietary changes to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle to aid in the fight against obesity and other nutrition related diseases. Through nutrition education, research, service and clinical expertise I am bringing with me a positive attitude and obtain and maintain professional leadership work in all phases of nutritional health.  
Michelle Brown
508 Popimi St.
P.O. Box 1289
Browning, Mt. 59417
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